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Art Workshops with Nancy Edwards

art studioNancy Bern Edwards is an artist and a poet with a degree in Education. Vivid color and texture captivates Nancy because it shows a sense of fun and adventure. She enjoys expressing life and all its phases in her artwork and helping others do the same. She has been trained in watercolor, Sumi-e, collage, oils, and clay. She has taught all ages from preschool through adults; as an art instructor for K-6th grades and as a visiting artist for the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific. In Hawaii she was chosen as the Creative Arts Coordinator for a church based curriculum and was an art specialist in a public school. Previously she was an art coordinator for a community access program for individuals with disabilities in Pierce County.

Art Classes for adults, children, and parent-child combined are available in watercolors, acrylics and collage.

art class

In Chinese Brush Painting (Sumi-e) we learn the simple techniques used for centuries in Japan and China. Learning first to paint bamboo; then painting a variety of other symbols of nature.

hummingbird art by nancy edwards

Snow sceneIn Sketch/Haiku class we learn to write simple Haiku poems in the 5-7-5 ancient Japanese custom and learn an easy technique for continuous line drawing where you sketch what you directly see. Besides the Haiku technique, Nancy also teaches you to write your own free form Poetry, expressing what is in your heart.

Painting the Psalms will involve reading various psalms and painting what you feel. We will also learn to write our own psalms. Great for individuals or groups to work as a team.

CollageSoul Collage is a technique where we combine bits of collage materials on a card about 5″ x 8″ that can either honor special people in your life or various parts of yourself. For example your “playful self”, your “nurturing self”, ” lonely”, “meditative”, or “adventurous self” could all be collaged on special cards. This is a great small group activity as we discuss cards after words.


In Painting in Silk we use a watercolor technique to paint on silk. Using either hoops of silk for hanging in windows or silk scarves that can be worn or framed. The colors are as bold as you want them to be and for the wearable silk we use a colorfast steamed technique.

Silk Painting hoop scarf
Process Painting is learning to listen to the still voice that is within you. Freely explore a room full of colors, papers and brushes being as innovative, free, meditative or serious as you wish.

Tactile Art painting

In Tactile Art classes Nancy teaches creative art for people with vision problems. Whether individuals have trouble seeing details or certain colors, or if they only see shadows. There is a way for each person to create using big and bold colors with contrast using: paints, textiles, beads, ribbons, or other “found” objects to create art with a great deal of texture. Also included in these classes is painting bold and bright images painting with texture, sculpture, collage, haiku and other poetry. This is offered as a one and a half hour workshop once a week for five weeks or it can be offered as a day retreat. All classes include materials.

Nancy leads two low vision support groups. In this small group we discuss our ups and downs for the month sharing tips on dealing with low vision, and sharing information and upcoming events for people who have vision loss. We always end on an upbeat note. Contact Nancy if you are interested in joining one of the groups, and she will help you discover which is the best fit for you.

Art for grieving heart class Low Vision Support Group

Art for the Healing Heart is great for people who need to heal from life’s ups and downs and learning to deal with cancer and other medical difficulties.
Art for the Grieving Heart is for those who are working through the loss of a loved one.

Some of the classes, weather permitting, can be plein-air in the gardens.

Contact Nancy Edwards for more information.


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