Illuminated Life Workshop

Illuminated Life Workshop with Nancy Bern Edwards

illuminated life workshop

Please contact Nancy for price and details if you are interested in the workshop.

purple flowersThe Illuminated Life Workshop helps us to survey our lives, draw insights from them and use these insights to enhance our lives. This work can be especially important when our lives are in a period of stress, change or transition. We cover such topics as: potentiality, values, goals, relationships, coping, your strengths and deciding where you are headed on your journey in life. We also answer for ourselves such questions as: What’s important to me?, What do I seek?, and What do I have going for me?

The workshop consists of 14 two-hour weekly meetings. Participants read a short chapter and complete an exercise at home each week. Participants share what they want concerning relevant aspects of their lives in small groups of four. This sharing of our lives and concern for each other make the workshop supportive as well as instructive.
CREATIVE ARTS workshopNancy can lead this workshop at her Silver Lake studio; or if you have an interested group she can travel to your site.

This material was developed by Professor Emeritus Abe Arkoff, University of Hawaii, who personally put Nancy through all the weeks and procedures of thorough and intensive training he required to meet his standards for this marvelous workshop. This material has been used with adults of all ages from young adults to residents of retirement communities as well as hospices. The workshop is the winner of the 2004 national Mind Alert Award from the American Society on Aging and the MetLife Foundation for innovative adult learning program.

Comments from workshop participants:

“I like learning how to be a ‘Caring Presence’ and ‘Caring Discloser’. This helps me in other aspects of my life as well as it trains me to be a good listener.”

“I appreciated the thought provoking questions that caused us to look deep within ourselves and look at our past and plan what we want out of our future.”

“The course helped awaken me to my accomplishments and assets and to get a perspective on the future I want to create.”

“Nancy is a wonderful leader/facilitator, she radiates enthusiasm, caring and acceptance while remaining focused on the lesson of the week.”

“Nancy has a kind spirit and is an upbeat teacher.”