Creative Retreats with Nancy Bern Edwards

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Nancy has been a teacher and an active member in the United Methodist church for over forty years. She’s been on the leadership team of numerous adult retreats, family camps, and Marriage Enrichment workshops. In Hawaii and in Washington, she worked with Hospice as a team leader of “healing through the arts” camps and day retreats. She’s also been the Creative Arts Coordinator for a church and a non-profit organization. Whether it is individuals or church groups wanting an uplifting retreat speaker, they find Nancy an excellent workshop and retreat leader.

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Creative Spiritual Day Retreats renew your tired minds and bodies with writing, sitting meditation, walking meditation and creating as we experiment with creative art materials and activities.

Art for the Healing Heart is for people who need to heal from life’s ups and downs and medical difficulties.

Art for the Grieving Heart is good for those who are working through grief at the loss of a loved one.

outdoor patio gardenProcess Painting is learning to listen to the still voice that is within you. Freely explore a room full of colors, papers and brushes being as innovative, free, meditative or serious as you wish.

Transitions happen as we move from one stage of life into another, or as we wants to find a new focus in our lives. This is a class that meets once a week for five weeks and helps you discover what it is you truly enjoy and want to do. Transitions and change are a part of life. Join us as we learn share and grow.

Some people use words to connect to God and some communicate through the arts. Art is often a way people can discover and give back to the creator an important part of themselves. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words everything you’d like to say. Many find the help of a tangible piece of clay, painting, collage, poetry, banner, song or dance to be a good way to communicate.
You are welcome to contact Nancy if you have a special day or weekend retreat in mind. Nancy has many day retreats at her home studio in the Silver Lake area of Everett, or if you want a longer overnight retreat contact her to inquire about her availability in coming to your location. She has several themes she can recommend or you may have another special idea in mind.

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Possible Topics for Spirituality Retreats:

  • Art for the Healing Heart when a significant person in your life dies
  • Letting Go and Letting God
  • Becoming the Beloved–a concept developed by Henri Nouwen
  • Puzzles of Life and how they fit Together–Balance
  • Names of God
  • God collage–all that God means to you
  • Fruits of the Spirit
  • Painting the Psalms
  • What is abundant life?

Contact Nancy Edwards for more information.